An Elegant Addition to any Landscape

Not a small gazebo by any stretch of the imagination, Sunshine Gazebo’s 8 sided range offer elegance to any sight lucky enough to have one situated on it. Coming with a wide range of design and construction options, the team aim to understand the environmental context your not so small gazebo will be situated within, to maximize its impact on your landscape.

We understand that each of our client’s has different needs and uses for their gazebos, and so we provide them with the greatest amount of choice we possibly can to fulfill those needs.

Customisation available

From the flooring to the roofing, your new 8 sided gazebo is almost completely customizable to suit the setting that it is going within. All of Sunshine Gazebos’ products are made with pine logs that have been treated and machined, and are ready for set up.

Your small gazebo is constructed using treated pine logs for the flooring and seating, as well as the exterior of the gazebo.

If you are planning to host guests in your new space, please consider our bench seating option as it opens up a wide area for congregation and storage, and optimizes the gazebo’s layout well.



Our 8 sided gazebos come in a range of sizes for your convenience:

– 3.6m
– 4.15m
– 4.7m

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