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Need a small gazebo for your space? We deliver or install, across our wide range of gazebos. Call the team on 07 5494 1700 to find out more.

Having the space to host friends and enjoy the surrounding environment within the comfort of a beautifully spaced gazebo is a luxury we wish for anybody with the property to do so.

Perfect for any occasion

Whatever the occasion, our 6 sided gazebos are sized perfectly. Many of our clients who have purchased a 6 sided gazebo from Sunshine Gazebos use theirs for hosting guests, and sheltering a larger amount of guests from the sun, within full view of their property.

Reflect, relax, and let your pensive mood take you places within the comfort of one of our 6 sided gazebos. You can opt for a full installation or kit delivery. All our gazebos are manufactured from treated pine logs and your choice of colourbond or timber roofing.

Optimise your space and let the experts help you customize your outdoor living the way that you envision it. Each property and client has different requirements, and we match our gazebos to those.

Delivered or installed

For your convenience, we give you the choice of either the delivery of a kit, or an installation from our team of experts.

Should you wish to assemble your new outdoor living space your way, each of our kit pieces are machined and ready to place and come accompanied by an instruction manual for ease.

Otherwise, the team at Sunshine Gazebos will come to your property to install everything for you, saving you time and money and allowing you the use of your new gazebo as soon as possible.



– 2.4m
– 2.8m
– 3.2m
– 3.6m

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